New England

Our Arrival

Wednesday, September 29, 1999
Radisson Parking area

This interesting thing about these pictures of the little garden in front of the Radisson Hotel is the stone curbing. In the west we do not have stone curbs, much less those that have been carved into arcs!

Our tour begins here in Chelmsford, Massachusetts, about 40 miles northwest of Boston. This hotel was to be tour headquarters for several days while we participated in a New England tour conducted by Country Squire Tours.

The hardest part about getting here was communicating the name of our destination to the US Shuttle operator on the telephone. After spelling Chelmsford we were instructed in the correct pronunciation of the name. The lady said we must pronounce all the letters. (See * below.)

Chelmsford, Massachusetts

*That's pronounced "Chamsfod" in Boston.

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