Hancock, Michigan

The Keweenaw Peninsula

Day 7, Sunday, August 19, 2001

This is copper country.

The pinkish pattern in the page frame is actually a tiny sample of Jenna's copper pictured below.

We're looking down on Portage Lake, part of the Keweenaw Waterway that separates the outer tip of the peninsula from the mainland. Half the Keweenaw Peninsula is actually an island. Across the way we see a part of the town of Houghton, a twin to Hancock. The two appear as one city divided by a river.

In days past, the waterway provided a short-cut for the ore-laden ships from the Minnesota mines on their way to industrial Detroit and Ohio.

2 PM: We stopped at the overlook above Hancock to visit with Jenna
who was selling copper slag collected by her grandfather.

The granite tableau commemorates some of the area history.

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