Incombustible Wash

Slack stone lime in a tub or barrel with boiling water - covering it to keep in all the steam. Pass six quarts of it thro a fine sieve - then be in a state of fine flour. To this 6 qts. add one qt. or Box of Rock Is. salt & 1 gallon of water. Boil this & skim it clean. To every 5 gals. of this skimed mixture add one pound of alum, ½ lb. copperas, by slow degree add ¾ lb. of potash & 4 quarts of fine sand or hickory ashes - color it as you please and apply with brush (paint) under a building (roof) impervious to rain or fine.

For Diarrhea

For Diarrhea, or Summer complaint in children, let them eat a few strawberry leaves or drink a tea made of the leaves.


Take of Powdered Ialap - Rhubarb - Colombo - Ginger - & Cream of Tartar - each, one Drachm - Sulphate of Iron Ten grains - Senna, four ounces - Peppermint water Ten ounces; mix well.

Of this mixture - Take an ounce and a half in the morning before breakfast, and the same quantity at Eleven O'Clock in the morning, for a dose - This remedy should be continued dayly for two weeks - then omit taking for 5 or 6 days, & take some other gentle purgative every other day that does not contain mercury.


Multiply the length, breadth & height together to get the number of cubic feet, then by 1728 to reduce to inches and divide by 2150-4/10 and you have the number of bushels or which is nearly the same and more simple - multiply the number of cubic feet by 8 and divide by 10. If this be in the ear take the half of it for the quantity of shelled corn.

Remedy for Diarrhea or Cholera

3 drachms spirits of camphor
3 dr. laudanum
3 dr. oil of turpentine
30 drops oil of peppermint

Mix and take a tea spoon full in a gram of wead brandy & water for diarrhea and a table spoon ful in weak brandy & water for cholera.

Cement for Mending Boilers

Take 2 parts of Sitharge pounded very fine - 1 part of very fine clean sand and one part of quick lime, slacked spontaneously. Mix thoroughly together. Then as you wish to make a paste with boiled linseed oil, to be applied quick as it hardens very fast. To patch a boiler use this cement & fasten in the patch with bolts of wood on the inside of boiler between the patch & flew of boiler or in any way to confine the patch to its place.

To Kill Rats

Take a small quantity of stricnine; mix it with meal and place it where rats only are liable to touch it.


Put up a measured pole, (when the sun throws a long shadow is best) - and then as the lengths of the shadow of the Pole is to the length of the pole - as the length of the Tree to the height of Tree.

Another - Make yourself a right angled triangle as A.B.C. having the two sides A.B. & B.C. equal in length - say 10 or 12 inches - and on the Base B.C. have a water level so you can keep it on a level when using it - Then walk backward
from the Tree until you can sight along the side A.C. with your eye from C. to the top of the Tree. Then measure from where you stand to the Tree - & it will give you its height less your own height, which add. This will only be correct on level ground - and if not level you can make an allowance for it.


Trim your trees in the spring or summer when in a growing condition - or the would will heal better than in the winter when the tree is not growing.

Corning Beef

Cut tolerably thin. Salted down for about few days - or if warmer a less time. Then take for every 100 lbs. of beef - 10 lbs. of salt - 3 lb. brown sugar, 3 pints of molasses - 3 oz. of salt petre & 1 oz. potash. Boil thin in water and scum it until scum ceases to rise then lay it by until it becomes perfectly cool; then pour it over the beef, packed in good close barrels. No more water should be used then sufficient to corn the beef.

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