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Photo by Owen Tyler

Stanton Hall, Natchez, Mississippi
Headquarters of the Pilgrimage Garden Club
401 High Street

Can't you hear the lovely modern southern belles of the Pilgrimage Garden Club speaking when you read the following descriptive text written by one of them?

Built in 1857 by Frederick Stanton, Stanton Hall is one of the most visited National Historic Landmarks, in America today. In 1858, an article in the Mississippi Free Trader described the newly completed "palatial residence" as "magnificent and princely." Today that glowing description is truer than ever.

The white stuccoed mansion sits on tree shaded property encompassing an entire city block in the heart of Natchez. The Structure was executed under the supervision of Natchez architect-builder Captain Thomas Rose. MT. Stanton's confidence in the skill of local artisans was so great that all the Work on the edifice was done by Natchez architects, builders, artists, and finishers.

No expense was spared and every detail was carefully carried out, from the four immense white Corinthian columns on the front gallery to the Sheffield silver knobs and hinges used throughout the mansion. In every room bronze chandeliers depict a part of Natchez history. Magnificent white marble mantels were sculptured in New York, whereas the massive gold-leaf mirrors were ordered from France.

Stepping through the imposing front door into an arched hall seventy-two feet long, one is immediately Struck by the beauty, grace, and quality of the palatial home. On the Tight, front and back parlors open into each other to form a room the exact length of the hall. However, reflections of the bronze chandeliers in the gold mirrors at each end make the room seem endless. On the left, equally impressive, are the library and dining rooms. Handsome rosewood furnishings accented by priceless silver transport the visitor to a romantic era of the past. Upstairs are six bedrooms, all furnished with antiques and objects d'art

Purchased in 1938 by the Pilgrimage Garden Club, Stanton Hall and its grounds have been carefully maintained. Not only is this handsome building the club's headquarters, it is the scene of the more elegant social functions held in Natchez. On the beautifully landscaped grounds, club members enjoy a swimming pool shaded by century old live oak trees. Across the patio is the nationally known Carriage House Restaurant and Lounge which specializes in Southern fried chicken and refreshing mint juleps. Adjacent to the restaurant is the Gay 90's Building which houses club offices.

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