Connelly's Tavern

The House on Ellicott Hill (circa 1798) exemplifies the frontier elegance of the first years of the Mississippi Territory. It was on this site that the American Flag was raised in 1797, when Major Andrew Ellicott encamped on the hill in defiance of Spanish authority.

Overlooking the terminus of the Natchez Trace, it was necessary to raise the drawbridges at dusk to protect against outlaws who frequented the Trace. The tavern was a meeting place to form groups to travel the very dangerous trail.

Hand-made brick floors, primitive cooking utensils, an arched ceiling, a rare Waterford crystal chandelier, and a Natchez-made clock are some of the interesting features.

It has been owned by the Natchez Garden Club since 1935. It is open as a house museum.

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Corner Canal and Jefferson Streets

Link to Natchez Trace photos
Link to Natchez Trace photos
The trace terminus A bedroom at the tavern

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