Vicksburg, Mississippi

Historic Tour

Day 43: Monday, September 24, 2001

We followed the map we received at the Welcome Center, but we didn't actually see much in the way of antebellum buildings.

Cedar Grove Inn

For Sale

In fact, we didn't see much except, old run-down neighborhoods. The building for sale pictured above was definitely one of the best buildings in that area. We were uncomfortable being there.

If you want to see antebellum homes, go to Natchez. There are plenty of nice ones to see there.

By 9:23 AM we were ready to get a glimpse of the Mississippi River. But it seemed that the casinos owned all the shoreline. So we drove a cross a parking lot and took a couple of pictures. The best of which is on the Mississippi Menu page. In the casino parking lot, we realized that we had picked up a huge bolt in a front tire and had to make tracks to try to get help before blew.
This really isn't a place where tourists want to be.
Thank You, Vicksburg!

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