Glacier National Park, Montana

Along the Perimeter on US-2
Trip Day Eight: June 19, 2000
Here's some samples of Glacier's famous Beargrass.

Perhaps it was too early for the blooms in the high country.
For whatever reason, all that we saw was in this area.

The color of the Flathead River is glacial turquoise that we learned is typical when in Alaska. We were astonished at its color, when we first saw the Kenai River.

The Flathead River

Named for the Flathead Indian tribe,
the river cuts a path around the southern perimeter of the park.

The railroad follows the path of the river as does US-2.
We snapped the train traveling on its narrow ledge above the river.

A glimplse of what's to come.

Glacier-formed peaks in the distance.

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