Glacier National Park, Montana

The Goat Lick
Trip Day Eight: June 19, 2000
The Goat Lick

This is the trail to the viewing platform. It's a pleasant trail to walk, even in the rain. Just grab your umbrella and go. You'll probably see some wild flowers along the way, and perhaps help some children see some goats climbing on the cliff.

We were there a little early in the year to see many goats on the lick, but we were rewarded with one goat anyway.

Wildflowers at the site

Each summer a need for mineral salts brings mountain goats down from the high country to natural licks along the Middle Fork of the Flathead River. Most activity occurs in late June and July, when as many as 70 goats have been seen on this lick at one time.

Special highway design provides a save underpass for goats moving to the lick. Before the underpass was constructed, goats crossing the road were in danger and a hazard to motorists.

There he is!

This is an enlargement of the section containing the goat in the photo below.

See the light spot near the arrow.

At this distance he only looks like a spot, but he moved, and even stumbled as he started to run across the cliff. But he didn't fall!

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