Glacier National Park, Montana

East Glacier
Trip Day Eight: June 19, 2000
Blackfeet Sculpture

This is Blackfeet Country!

Don't miss these members of the tribe out to greet you as you enter town from the west. This whimsical sculpture of scrap metal embellishes the right side of the road just outside of town.

The Train Depot

At the turn of the century, the Great Northern Railway was pushing back the limits of the wilderness through the north and northwest. They built this depot and the Glacier Park Lodge on land they purchased from the Blackfeet Indians.

The Depot As Seen From Glacier Park Hotel

This is Glacier Park Lodge

The railroad built a series of grand hotels in and around Glacier National Park to entice wealthy travelers from Minnesota.

One of the most distinct is Glacier Park Lodge, located on the eastern edge of Glacier National Park, in the heart of Blackfeet country.

The main building, completed in 1913, is on the right. This is the location of the public rooms, including the 3-story lobby, all built of timbers transported from Oregon. The hotel proved to be so popular that a couple of years later they built an addition in the form of an annex as large as the original building. Centered behind the flag pole is the bridge to the Annex on the left.

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