Glacier National Park, Montana

Two Medicine Area
Trip Day Eight: June 19, 2000

A Day's Ride Apart

Two Medicine Chalet

The present-day Two Medicine General Store is the latest incarnation of a historic lodge, built in 1913 before there were roads into the park's interior.

To promote Glacier to adventurous tourists in the early 1900s, the Great Northern Railway built a network of hotels and chalets a day's ride apart throughout the park. Horse parties would arrive here from Glacier Park Hotel (where we were staying) and continue from chalet to chalet across the park.

By 1925, more than a thousand horses and ten throusand people traveled the park trails each year. Two Medicine Chalet was no solitary outpost.

Several of these Swiss-style hotels and lodges continue in their historic roles. Look for similar structures at Many Glacier, East Glacier, and Lake McDonald, as well as the Sperry and Granite Park backcountry chalets. The historic map (below) shows Glacier Park chalets in 1925.

It was cold and rainy by the time we had visited Two Medicine Lake, so back to our hotel.

We had time for a quick round of golf.

Owen has always wondered how far he could hit the ball in the mountains. Well, he found out. Now, if I could just get that little ball to go into the hole!

Next, we will view the pictures that were taken on the Going To The Sun Road.
We had a bright, sunny morning for the drive, and we think the pictures are spectactular.

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