Glacier National Park, Montana

Going To The Sun Road
Trip Day Nine: June 20, 2000
The Weeping Wall

This picture was #25 on a 25 exposure roll of film. There was no place to pull off the road along the Weeping Wall, so any additional views of this wall were impossible. For this sort of reason, we've been experimenting with a digital camera with a 340 MB hard drive! The storage space is known as Compact Flash Type II. Made by IBM, the hard drive, with an adapter, will fit into a PC Card slot that commonly comes as standard equipment on a laptop computer. We have used a lot of the digital photos in this picture series. Of course, we've taken a lot of duplicate shots with both cameras for comparison. The digital does quite well if the lighting is optimum. Low light and a lot of distance are too much for the camera.

We're west of the Continental Divide now, and climate is more humid. The forests more lush and green.

That's all of the Going To The Sun pictures. When you finish that drive, you have a choice to make. If you need to get back to somewhere near where you started that morning, you either have to navigate the scenic road again, or you have to take US-2 around the south parameter of the park. With more time to visit the park, it would be wonderful to see the scenery along Going To The Sun Road from the opposite direction. But the drive requires a lot of concentration to stay on the road and avoid the other sightseers who may or may not be paying full attention to the job of driving. We decided to repeat yesterday's trip on US-2.

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