Blacks Harbor, New Brunswick

Ferry To Grand Manan Island

Day 18: Thursday August 30, 2001

8:52 AM: The Ferry's in sight


9:22 AM: Loading

We haven't ridden a ferry since we pulled a travel trailer to Florida in 1963!
A lot has changed since then. In those days they loaded our station wagon and trailer and a Greyhound bus onto the front of the boat, with nothing but a chain between us and the deep blue sea! It sure looked like all that weight in the front could make it pretty tippy.

The new ferries have enclosed vehicle decks. They survey the load and assign specific spaces for each class of vehicle. There were several eighteen-wheelers in that load, and they went last. Cars in the loading line in the background will not go this trip.

Hint: Don't spend all your money on the island, you buy the round trip ticket when you return.

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