Hillsborough, New Brunswick

Welcome Center

Day 22: Monday, September 3, 2001

We will always have a warm place in our hearts for Hillsborough and the good ladies who ran the Welcome Center on Labor Day. During the summer, students staff the center. But the townspeople were keeping it open with volunteers this late in the year.

I had been suffering with pain in a neck gland all day. I blamed it on the polluted water we were repeatedly doused with on the jet boat in Saint John. I asked the ladies if Hillsborough was large enough to have a doctor. Norma Downey said that they did have a doctor in town, and that here was his wife! I explained my problem to Mrs. Dykeman, and she said she's see if she couldn't get her husband to help. And, she did. He met me at his office on Labor Day Evening! That's extraordinary service to a stranger, I think.

Dorene Dykeman & Norma Downey

Dr. Winston Dykeman at Work

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