Hillsborough, New Brunswick

Once A Gypsum Mining Center

Day 23: Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Petitcodiac Chignecic Bay

The Bay of Fundy splits at the eastern end, and this named bay angles to the northwest and curves around to the southwest of the city of Moncton. There wasn't much water in it because the tide was out. I'm sure this bay experiences even greater tide variations than Hopewell Rocks, as this is the very back end of the funnel.


This delightful village sits on a hill. We took the picture from the edge of the bay.
We wanted to see the bay and the gypsum silos before we left Hillsborough, so these pictures were taken at just a little after eight in the morning.

Mining Leftovers

This is a guysum slag heap (waste pile) and a silo that was used to store the ore until it was shipped. Like so many other mining operations, when it became uneconomical, they simply abandoned the mess. We see the scars all over North America, and certainly the world!

Slag heap or no, this is a geat little town with wonderful people. It's a good place to visit. Wish we could have stayed longer. There's really a lot to do here.

Next, we'll head for Nova Scotia. We'll stop at the Visitor Center then take the Sunrise Trail on the way to Baddeck on Cape Breton Island.

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