St. Andrews By The Sea

Tara Manor Inn

Day 17: Wednesday August 29, 2001

5 PM: Our First Bay of Fundy Glimpse

This inn features gardens and recreation. We were disappointed that the office isn't open late or early, so it can be inconvenient for travelers wishing to be on the road early. We discovered that some electrical outlets in our room didn't work, so reading was out of the question. There was no one available to bring extension cords or make other emergency repairs.

There was no coffee available early, and by the time the office opened there was a line of people wanting to settle their bills or take coffee back to their rooms. Other than the electrical problem and the short office hours, Tara Manor was a comfortable place to stay, and nicely decorated.

7:06 PM: A Better View of the Bay of Fundy

Here's the URL if you want to check out their Web site.

We wanted to get an early start to Blacks Harbor to get in line for the ferry to Grand Manan Island.
In spite of what we considered a late start, we did get there in time. Come along with us to the ferry and Grand Manan Island.

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