New England

New Hampshire

Meredith, New Hampshire
We're Having a Craft Show!
Sunday, October 3, 1999

Photos by Pat Tyler

They were serving pancakes and sausage and maple syrup (of course)
in the big white tent. It wasn't long before the line would have
wrapped around the block if there was one.

The architect cleverly
included the
in the design of the
Inn At Mill Falls.



The Tim Janis Ensemble
played his music.

We were so impressed
that we bought one of
the CDs on display.

Now we wish we'd bought
one of each.

Where people gather we
see well trained musicians
'playing for their
supper,' so to speak.

It's a shame in this country
that people can become
accomplished musicians,
then not be able to
earn the rewards of that
extensive study and training.

The name of the violinist
is unknown.

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