Ridgewood, New Jersey

Day 32: Friday, September 14, 2001

A Trendy Bakery

Ridgewood is near enough to New York City for a daily commute.
Many who work in the Big Apple live in a community like this
where the small town atmosphere prevails.

Small shops & boutiques cater to residents.

And the shop owners are the neighbors.

Paul & Brenda Levin
Hosts Extraordinaire!

Our friends from the China Tour wanted us to stop by, since our Anlantic Canada trip would take us near their home. It only took a small change in the intinerary to do that. In spite of the horror of the September 11th attacks, the Levin's couldn't have been better hosts. Brenda, was the gourmet chef, and Paul was the expert guide and chauffeur. Our wishes were their commands!
We shall certainly try to reciprocate in kind if they decide to visit us.

Come along on our tour along the Hudson River then into New York City.

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