Baddeck, Nova Scotia

Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site

Day 24: Wednesday, September 5, 2001

A Celebrity Resident

Alexander Graham Bell used to like to get away from the crowds of his city home. He had considered a summer home in Newfoundland, and stopped in Baddeck on his way to Newfoundland to see if he could find a suitable site. He liked Baddeck so well that he never finished his trip to Newfoundland.

Best known for his invention of the telephone, Bell has many other inventions to his credit, too. He found that he could work on his experiments without having to battle crowds of well-wishers or the curious, so many of his experiments with flight were carried out here. He sometimes used Bras d'Or Lake for experiments with a submarine.

A rainy September day is the perfect time to visit the museum that houses a large collection of Alexander Graham Bell's inventions.

The Bell Home Near Baddeck

This is a published postcard view of the Bell home.

The Museum At The National Historic Site

This postcard illustrates the main entry to the museum building which houses a large collection of Alexander Grahan Bell's inventions.

Postcard Aerial View of Baddeck

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