Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Keltic Lodge

Day 25: Thursday, September 6, 2001

The Shore at Keltic Lodge

Keltic Lodge is a lovely golf resort on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Breton Highlands National Park near the village of Ingonish Beach. This picture was taken from the restaurant parking lot. The wind was blowing so hard that we could hardly stand up!

Apples Falling on The Car

This picture illustrates that we should look up when choosing a parking place. The high winds were bring the apples down, and the car was being pelted by them. The resort is on a small peninsula, and the restaurant is situated on the bluff with stunning views of the Atlantic and the highlands.
As we lunched, we could see a heavy fog bank rolling over the highlands to the west. We had to make a decision about whether to continue the drive or to turn back to Baddeck. We hadn't reached the half-way point. Fog on the road would make the coastal drive extremely dangerous.

Link: Keltic Lodge Web site.

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