Cabot Trail, Nova Scotia

Pleasant Bay

Day 25: Thursday, September 6, 2001

Pleasant Bay

At the northwest corner of Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Pleasant Bay is perhaps the largest village on the Cabot Trail with the exception of Chéticamp, further south which is a fishing village. There are a couple of motels in Pleasant Bay, one of which is run by a very unfriendly, crabby man. If you stay in Pleasant Bay, watch out for him. He certainly made no friends for the Salty Mariner that day. No wonder he had no business when we were there.

Postcard depiction of Cabot Trail

This looks very much like the road rising to the plateau south of Pleasant Bay.

The plateau is in the distance.

A Silver Ribbon

Going up the hill after a shower, the road was a silver ribbon in perfect perspective disappearing at the top of the hill. Unfortunately, by the time the camera was ready to snap the picture, much of the ribbon was behind us.

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Whale Interpretive Canter, Pleasant Bay.
Pleasant Bay on the Cabot Trail

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