Canso Strait, Nova Scotia

Trans Canada Hwy. 104

Day 23: Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Canso Strait

It's nearly 4 PM, and we're crossing the Canso Strait that separates Cape Breton Island from the mainland of Nova Scotia. We started from Hillsborough at around 9 AM, so we've been on the road approximately 7 hours.

Loading Gypsum

Somewhere on this strait is the site of a superport. Here they are in the process of loading ore, perhaps gypsum. A causway crosses most of the strait with a swinging bridge to allow boat traffic to cross between Cape Breton Island and the mainland.

Sail Boat Crossing Here

At 9:40 AM, they stopped the traffic and rotated the bridge to open a small channel so the sail boat could go on his way. The road traffic had a small wait for him to pass and the bridge to be repositioned. We were about 1 hr. and 10 minutes away from Baddeck.

This and the previous picture were taken September 7th, when we returned from Cape Breton Island. That day sparkled with georgeous blue skies unlike the day that we crossed over the causway on the way to Baddeck.

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