Halifax, Nova Scotia

The Harbor

Day 26: Friday, September 7, 2001

The Backside of Murphy's Wharf

The Citadel hill peeks through on both sides of the beautiful old clock tower in the background.


This is where we decided to eat dinner. It was fun to eat outdoors on the wharf.

Murphy's Wharf & Restaurant

This is where the harbor cruise boat docks. Their deck was reserved for dinner customers who hadn't materialized yet, so they wouldn't let us drink a beer while waiting for the harbor cruise. We didn't consider them when we decided where to eat dinner.

We Enjoyed Dinner At Salty's.

We've been on the road 25 days, and it's time to start the return trip to Texas. Our next pictures will be from Peggy's Cove, the location of a famous lighthouse. We'll stop by there on the way to Yarmouth where we will catch the ferry to Bar Harbor, Maine. Come along with us.

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