Halifax, Nova Scotia

Peggys Cove

Day 27: Saturday, September 8, 2001

Lake Near Peggys Cove

Famous for its lighthouse perched on a barren, glacier-scrubbed point, the little fishing village is a pleasant drive southwest of Halifax. It's 8:40 AM, and we're nearly there.

This algae-clogged pond and surrounding low hills testifies to the glacial history of this land. Rocks, some as large as houses, were carried here by glaciers of past ice ages, and left stranded as the ice melted. The low hill in the background was, no doubt, debris pushed along by the glacier and left as a moraine after the melt. Or it may be bedrock that was scoured clean.

Peggys Cove

Once gone, the river of ice made a channel for the sea to encroach. These channels make wonderful safe harbors for small boats.

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