The Hudson River

View Point: Palisades State Park, NJ

Day 34: Saturday, September 15, 2001

Harlem River

This river separates Manhattan from the mainland and makes it an island.
Inwood Hill Park on Manhattan Island is at the right edge of the picture.
The buildings we see are in an area known as Kings Bridge.


This view is just a bit north of the Harlem River.

Upper Manhattan

This view is just a bit south of the Harlem River.

Man contemplates the devastation.

It's 11:05 AM and he has just moved away from the View Master which magnified
his view of the smoke-filled sky over Lower Manhattan.

This picture was taken from Palisades Park more than 12 miles from Ground Zero.
The smoke was still very visible in spite of the distance and four days time.
We didn't know then that the smoke would billow for many months.

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