Lockport, New York

Day 12 of Nova Scotia trip
Friday, August 24, 2001

8:30 AM: This was the family home of Pat's great-grandparents.
Both mother and grandmother were born here.
On our 1990 visit we looked on the wrong street — Gennessee Street — for the house.
But later a picture with the address documented was located.
It is displayed below:

32 Spalding Street, Lockport, N. Y.

This was the home of Dr. Wilson Marion and Emma Lillian Hollenbeck Pettit
and their four children, Harold, Mary, Hazel, and Marguerite.
All of these Pettits eventually moved to the Los Angeles area of Southern California.
The picture was taken September 1, 1917 probably by their daughter, Mary.

Another picture of this house documents the fact that this was the Abram Pettit home
where Wilson grew up. Pettit Family Pictures are here. ... At least, some of the family thought Wilson grew up here. Dennis Kelley has discovered records that indicate that Abram and Wilson lived up the street at 8 Spalding in 1876 and 1880. So perhaps it was only assumed that Wilson grew up here.

It's a Small World, After All!

Near the time that the Tylers visited Lockport and took pictures of the old family home
at 32 Spalding St. in August 2001, Pat's cousin, Dennis Kelley visited Lockport seeking
his roots too. Dennis met the occupants of the house, and was able to get this additional
shot of the back of the house. We have pictures of the Pettit children putting on plays in
this back yard. Blankets hung over ropes served as the curtains. The old pictures
recorded the fact that these productions attracted large crowds.

Photo: courtesy of Dennis Kelley

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