Owen & Pat Love New York

Day 34: Saturday September 15, 2001

The Empire State Building spire pierces the sky.

Our hosts had planned a wonderful tour of New York City for us as we returned from our trip from Eastern Canada. It was to be a beautiful climax to a spectactular trip.

Friends gaze at the smoke from the New Jersey shore.

Instead we observe evidence of the devistatation in this amazing city.
Above: Our hosts Paul & Brenda Levin stare in disbelief across the Hudson River
at the smoke billowing from lower Manhattan.

1:39 PM: Four days after the attack on America, smoke from the ruins of the
World Trade Center is still very dominant on the scene. How can people hate this much?

As this is written in mid November, smoke still rises from the devistation.

In spite of the fact that many things were closed at the time we were still able
to see some of the sights of New York. Pictures of some of them follow.

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