Niagara Falls, Ontario

A Tour On The People Mover

Queenston Heights Park

Day 11, Thursday, August 23, 2001

The Brock Monument
Queenston Heights Park

General Brock must have made important contributions to the area to have such a nice monument dedicated to his memory and such a nice hotel as the Brock as has namesake.

Queenston Heights Park

The Butterfly Cafe

A delightful surprise awaited at the end of the bus line. We had a choice of staying for the ride to additional attractions on the way back to town or getting off at this delightful park. It was lunch time and the guide on the people mover said we could eat there without reservations. We opted for the restaurant here.

Owen & Local Diners

enjoy the food and impeccable service at the glass-walled dining room of the Butterfly Cafe.

Table With a View

We had an unhurried lunch away from the touristy hubbub of the falls area. This picture was taken while seated at our table. The view of the Niagara River making its way to Lake Ontario was a bonus.

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