Niagara Falls, Ontario

After Dinner At The Skylon Tower

Day 11, Thursday, August 23, 2001

A Couple Tests Their Skills On Ski Simulators

8:05 PM: We visit the Skylon basement to see the entertainment complex down there. We stopped to watch this couple enjoying the ski simulators. Taxis were waiting outside the building, so it was easy to get a ride back to the hotel.

Next we'll see some more pictures of the falls taken on both sides of the border in 1990. The pictures of the falls are better because we could get closer to them. This trip the wind was blowing all the mist over the viewing area and producing a pretty heavy rain. We didn't want to get the cameras wet, so we skipped the close-up viewing of the falls. Also included are some pictures of the Niagara River Gorge taken from New York.

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