The Oregon Coast

Trip Day Twenty-three, May 26th, 2006

Crossing The Columbia River

The Columbia River Bridge at Astoria

We arrived at the edge of Astoria just at lunch time.
My plans for lunch at one of Astoria's historic eateries were going to work out.

Causway Across Southern Tributaries

But it wasn't to be. When a man is bent on getting down the road,
sometimes the car can't make a left turn into town, but makes the right turn to follow the highway instead. This is a causway crossing the southern part of the river delta. We were on our way to eat lunch at a very mundane, nodescript restaurant southwest of Astoria.

But our time in the area was salvaged when we noticed a flyer for Fort Clatsop National Memorial in a rack at the restaurant. Fort Clatsop was built by the members of the Lewis and Clark Expedition for to shelter them in the winter of 1806. They spent the winter there before turning back to return to St. Lewis the Gateway to the West in those days.

Pictures of Fort Clatsop are next.

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