Interstate 84

Trip Day Nine: May 12, 2006

Columbia River Gorge

Traveling Northwest Toward Portland


The river changes color with the angles and lighting.
So, color coordination just doesn't work for some pictures.
Yes, I know the picture looks, tilted. It's the perspective of the river angles.
The red banks on the left are on our side of the river. It narrows where the banks meet.
Maybe I just shouldn't have used this picture. Color — wrong; Angles — wrong.
But there it is anyway.

That would be Bingen, Washington across the river.

Hood River is on the Oregon side. It seems that there are more communities along the river than there were on our last drive through the area.

Some Typical river bluffs

It's 3 PM and there's Mount Hood

This is one of the several landmark Cascade volcanos that dot the Northwest.
We certainly don't see many scenes like that in Texas.

The Dalles Dam


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