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Thanks for stopping by. We hope you will enjoy the pictures from this month-long tour to the Canadian Rockies. We did a lot of sightseeing along the way and took more than 1800 pictures. We haven't counted the pictures that finally made the cut, but there's over 33 MB of them! So take your time and enjoy. There are several ways to navigate the site, so you can easily drop in and out of the tour as your time and interests dictate.

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Click the picture above to begin the photo tour in Las Vegas, N. M. as the tour actually occured.
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You can go through the whole tour simply by clicking the pictures on every page. Each state and province included has a menu page accessable from the photo pages in that area. Using these menu pages you have access to all areas in the collection. The main graphic will always include a link to the beginning of the pictures for that state or province. The photo buttons are links to the other areas.

There are several ways to navigate this site. Every page has buttons at the bottom that give access to a map of the trip and several local maps. The site map lists every page on the site. The trip itinerary and this page is available from every page on the site.

Last, if a location contains more than two pages, a page navigator is included. An orb represents each page in the group, with the spinning globe representing your present location. Using these orbs you can jump forward or backward any number of pages in the same group.

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