South of Pierre
South Dakota

Day 4, Thursday, August 16, 2001

Priairie South of Pierre

Last evening we went to the beauitful Missouri River near downtown to do some sightseeing and take some pictures. But the trusty Canon Powershot S20 refused to work! This is the same camera that took all the pictures on our tour of China. It is also the camera that took a pretty hard tumble with me at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. I guess this was a delayed reaction to the jarring it took at that time.

The result was that we got no stills of Pierre and its beautiful Missouri River. We were going to try to get a replacement camera in Sioux Falls on the way to Fargo, ND today. After an hour wasted on the phone with Canon's Tech Support we headed south to catch I-90 and go east. The tech had suggested the problem was caused by the jarring from the fall. On the way to the Interstate I hit the camera a good whack, and wallah! It worked. This was a test picture taken through the windshield of the car.

After the successful test picture, we turned around and headed north toward the North Dakota border. This was different from the route that had been planned to avoid the hours of morning sun in our faces.

So it will be a couple of North Dakota pictures next.

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