Rapid City
South Dakota

Day 3, August 15, 2001

Do you remember the TV show Sanford & Son?
Well, this place out does their place.

Sanfords Grub & Pub

is funky and fun. The food is good and plentiful too. The menu is huge. It's not easy to decide.

Looking around the town looking for a place to eat lunch, we just stumbled into the place. The recycled warehouse didn't even look like a restaurant. You'll want to arrive by eleven when they open the doors. There's lots of seating, but then, there a lot of customers that pour in the door like opening night at your favorite rock concert. If you're just a little bit late you probably will have to wait until someone finishes.

You never need to ask for an extra napkin. Every table has its own roll of paper towels.

They told us that the owners were college buddies. When trying to figure out what they wanted to do with their lives when they graduated, they decided to continue doing what they liked to do best, and make money at the same time. They agreed that they liked to eat and watch sports tv. Their room attested to the fact that they liked to collect junk. So they put Sanford's together and lived happily ever after.

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