Text-downtown Bandera

The design above was from one of Gertrude's pictures. It is a wrought iron plaque attached to a light pole in front of a store pictured below. I thought it would make a nice design to go with the Downtown Bandera text.

I did a little googling and tracked down the artists. They are Artie & Bunny Erfurt of Bandera, QualityIronworks.com. A few minutes on the site will show you that their designs are notch above those most often seen on the highways and byways.

The water tower wasn't on the roof as it appeared in the picture, but on its own legs behind the building.

This charming town was part of the playground for Owen Tyler and some of the other young Air Force trainees stationed at Lackland AFB in San Antonio back in the early 50s. The boys would come up here for a little time in the honky tonks. I wonder if they still enjoy coming to the hill country when they have a night off.


Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Photo by Pat Tyler

Photo by Pat Tyler

Photo by Gertrude Meyer

Notice the plaque suspended from the light pole near the red building.
It is similar to the one at the top of this page, but not the same.

Our next stop will be a quick one at a ranch near Medina.

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