Baton twirlers take a short break as enjoy the shade of the wide portico to practice.

Photo stolen from http://www.odessahistory.com


While browsing the UTPB Website, under What's new at UTPB, I stumbled into a listing of Images of Stonehenge. Now, we all know that Stonehenge is rather ancient. And what has it to do with UTPB anyway? Well, it seems that they have built a replica of the ancient monument on campus. So it is actually something that is new at UTPB. Their link leads to (where else?) Gareth Pollard's Odessa History Website (click on Odessa Stonehenge). This is something that could become a tourist attraction in Odessa when properly publicized. Read the story about the building of the replica. According to reports the replica is 70% of the height and 100% of the width of the original monument in England. At left Pollard has captured his shadow on one of the upright stones of Odessa's Stonehenge.


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