Giant Yucca

Above: Our Navigator rests in the shade cast by this giant yucca. Surely this guy must be a record setter of some kind. We've wondered how it survives near the street outside a service station at Maple and Tanglewood. It's only access to water seems to be the small opening in the concrete around the trunk.
It dependably blooms every May. ( Photo 6/4/01 )


Odessa Camera Center

Photographers go to George Scott and his staff at the Odessa Camera Center for their needs whether they use film or digital. This picture was taken to test a new camera he had ordered for Pat.


Above: Once languishing under the neglect of out-of-town investers, the local mall was purchased, refurbished, and revitalized by local businessman, John Bushman. Renamed, Music City Mall, the facility welcomed the teens and was one of the first to offer ice skating to local enthusiasts. He filled any empty stores with new businesses, and shoppers returned.

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