Infusion Services

Owen Tyler, November 19th, 2002, 8:36 AM

The fall of 2002 was not a good time for us. Owen had intestinal problemsódiverticulitis. The gastrointerologist offeren no treatment what-so-ever. He said your have gall bladder problems. Go have it taken out. But it won't help your problem. The surgeon thought it was Chrones Disease. But he planned to be married and wanted to postpone the surgery until he could be there for post-op treatment and care. Antibiotics delivered in IVs helped to relieve the problem. While the surgeon was honeymooning on Maui, Owen had another flare up. His associate sent him to Intravenous Services as an outpatient at MCH. The procedure helped, and it sure beat being admitted to the hospital for several days.

A nurse checks the settings.
Molly Ervin poses with some of her crafts projects.

These nurses monitor their patients quite closely. There are times when there are no patients to watch and they have time for some projects of their own.

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