Memorial Gardens

Photo curtesy of John Lawson, Jr., JTL Photography

Tucked in among apartments on two sides a busy street and commercial buildings on the others, this little park was once a playa lake known as The Buffalo Wallow. It was and is a collection point for the waters from the storm drains in the northeastern part of the city. But it was a trash-collecting eye-sore. Under the leadership of then mayor, Loraine Periman, they developed the park using some public, but mostly private funds. Along the walk surrounding the lake, they did a bit of landscaping and built a lovely sculpture garden. The pictures that follow illustrate some of the sculpture pieces.


Photo curtesy of John Lawson, Jr., JTL Photography



Above left: The photographer's mother, double amputee, 82-year-old Suzie Lawson, gets some exercise on her new legs.


This photo of the a bridge spanning one of the channels that input to the lake was taken by Paul Zoeller and published in the Odessa American February 1, 2002.

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