Photo by Gertrude Meyer

On a hot day, some people prefer one way to cool off, and others another.
The Meyers went to the roof-top pool while the got as cool as possibel in theie semi-cool room.
They said there was no deck surface to walk on. It was all the white roof-top gravel.
Not very foot-friendly.
When we wanted to shower off the accumulated grime from the day's sightseeing
there was no hot water! We waited several hours, and tried again. Nothing.
We finally went out in the late afternoon with no showers.
Guess we should have rinsed off in the pool.

Photo by Pat Tyler

The public rooms of the hotel have a lot of antiques and nice furnishings.
They seem to do a good convention business and locals seem to enjoy the facilities
for weddings. But we decided this is not our favorite place to stay in San Antonio.

Photo by Pat Tyler

After the afternoon cool down, we walked to the Alamo,
which is only a couple of blocks away from the hotel. Thos pictures follow.

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