Estrellas Del Rio

Photo by Pat Tyler

Pricilla Vargas

Photo by Pat Tyler

Edith Rivera
These young ladies kept the show moving with their singing talents
and their capable handling of the introductions.

The Vargas family is active in the production of the show.
Pricilla's charming auntie was a great sales representative for the show,
and sold us the tickets. Both Pricilla and her cousin Raul dance in the show.

Here's a link to some information about Daniel Martinez,
choreographer and director of the show.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Then They Went Country Style with Polkas Nortenia
Polkas Nortenia originated in the State of Nuevo Leon best known for the city of Monterrey.

Want to learn more about this dance company and their directors?
Follow this link, or this link to learn more about the show.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Photo by Pat Tyler

These ladies dance Jarabe Michoacan
This dance comes from the state of Michoacan, also the origin of Los Viejitos, the old men.

Photo by Pat Tyler

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