Mission San José title image

Photo by Pat Tyler

The mission compound — all but the church — is administered by the National Park Service. They have a nice visitor center with a store and theater where they present a 20 minute interpretive film. Admission is free, and there was no charge for viewing the film or the service of the Park Ranger Guide service.

Photo by Pat Tyler

Honey Mesquite Tree (Prosopis glandulosa Torr.)

This huge tree stands near the visitor center.
The Meyers and the Tylers arrived early, before the crowds
and before the heat had stolen the zest of the morning.

Photo by Pat Tyler

This map traces the various branches of El Camino Real (The Royal Road) that connected the missions in España Nuevo (New Spain). Curiously, the map does not show the route past San Diego to locate the missions from San Diego to San Francisco in California. There were many of them. Many still exist, and are open to the public.

Please join us as we stroll the grounds with Ranger Ed Petru, who gives us intrepretive commentary and answers our questions.

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