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El Convento Arches

Photo by Pat Tyler

A Friar who lived here in 1777 said he could, hunt from the roof safely and in comfort with much success. I saw so many ducks, geese, and cranes in a nearby field that, as I said, they covered the ground, and so close to the house, that it would be impossible to miss the shot.

Photo by Gertrude Meyer


Photo by Pat Tyler

Left: If she stood in just the right place, Gertrude could see a fan of arches.
Right: A modern concrete walkway marks the convento arches.

Photo by Pat Tyler

In this picture Ranger Ed Petru points out that we see both the rounded Roman arches built by the Franciscan friars and the Gothic style arches in red brick that were installed in the later reconstruction attempted by the Benedictine monks.

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