The Natchez Trace

Near the Northern Terminus in Tennessee

Day 40: Friday, September 21, 2001

It Was A Wild Land

Some of it seems wild today, but when travelers used the old Indian trail to travel between Nashville, Tennessee and Natchez, Mississippi, much of the trail would be under water or mired in from recent rains. The underbrush choked the trail until sometimes it was difficult to find.

This segment of the old trail is carpeted with neatly manicured lawn. Not so in yesteryear.
2:42 PM: It took us about an hour to drive across the western section of Nashville to reach the parkway—traffic was fairly heavy. Although they didn't battle much traffic, it probably took at least a day to travel as far in the late 1700s.

Double Arch Bridge

This graceful bridge carries the traffic of the Trace Parkway over Tennessee State Highway 96.

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