Boulder, Utah

Highway 12 on Boulder Mountain
Trip Day Twenty-eight: Sunday, July 9, 2000
Near The Top Of The Mountain

You just never know what you may have missed unless you stop to see what's there. What we found, this time, was a very nice family and an historic ranger station.

The Hastings and another retired couple live at the ranger station near the top of Boulder Mountain. Just for the love of the mountain and people, in the summer they take two-week turns, dispensing information to travelers who happen by, and they build fences, and otherwise keep things in ship-shape order.

These are volunteers. They receive no pay except for the satisfaction that they are being of service.

King and his daughter, Margaret

Margaret and her husband had come up to see her parents and pick up two sons who had been visiting the grandparents for a couple of weeks.

King has always been an outdoorsman. When we told him we were on the way home from Alberta and the Icefields Parkway, he related that he had once ridden a bicycle over that road, with his wife following in the pickup. He said he did ride up the passes, however. We have no doubt of that story because we saw lots of people doing just that. They weren't all big strong men either.

Coming Down Boulder Mountain

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