Provo, Utah

Trip Day Twenty-five: Thursday, July 6, 2000
Happy to get to Provo!

Provo sits at the base of the Uinta National Forest. Although busy, it doesn't seem to be as crowded as the Salt Lake City area. If you plan to travel in the Salt Lake City area, and don't have reason to be in the city, do take every opportunity to avoid that area. Salt Lake is completely rebuilding Interstate-15 & US-89 through the middle of the city. There's really no way to avoid the construction mess. They alternate with closings of on and off ramps. And traffic is maddening. It will probably work like a dream by the time of the 2002 Winter Olympics, in the mean time, it's a nighmare.

We were surprised to find that Novell Corporation was a neighbor of the hotel where we spent the night. We modified their corporate sign a little for this view. I hope they don't object to just having the name and the flower bed a bit enlarged on display.

"Who's Novel?", you say? They make the Local Area Networking (LAN) software, Novell Netware, that drives many business networks. They've been a major player in that arena for many years. Netware is a competitor of Microsoft's NT networking software.

Wish we had time to stay around. It would have been fun to have breakfast or lunch at their restaurant, which is open to the public. These pictures were taken after business hours, but you can see a few cars scattered through the parking lots. Folks working overtime, no doubt.

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