Salt Lake City Utah

Trip Day Seven: May 10, 2006

LDS Temple Square

Salt Lake City

The Tabernacle was the reason for our visit.

We wanted to tour the inside and get the pin drop demonstration that we had seen on TV. But this is as close as we could get to the home of world-famous Tabernacle Choir. The Tabernacle was being renovated and closed to the public until late 2006.

Construction on the Tabernacle began in 1863 and ended in 1875. The exterior of the completed building is 150 feet wide, 250 feet long, and 80 feet high. This unique Tabernacle was a marvel of its time. Through the bridge-building technique of Henry Grow, the Tabernacle roof was able to span its 150-foot width without center supports–an amazing achievement in both engineering and acoustics. No metal nails were used, only wooden pegs. Meetings and concerts are still held in this historic building.

LDS Conference Center.

This example of modern architecture is the site of many activities on the square.
It is the temporary home of the Tabernacle Choir while their building is being renovated. This building serves the church in a number of ways.

This model of Jerusalem, AD 33,
is in a vestiblue of the LDS Conference Center

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