Zion National Park

Trip Day Twenty-seven: Saturday, July 8, 2000
Amazing Colors!

The variety of colors in Zion Canyon are truely amazing. The black in the picture right above is probably a patina caused by decayed minerals washing down the sides of the cliff. Think of the many years needed to dye the rocks with that intensity of color.


The lines on the rock wall sweep and curve at angles. This is called cross-bedding. This cross-bedding is evidence that the rock was probably despoited as sand dunes, and represents the top of dunes as the wind blew sand across them. Over 2.000 feet of sand was laid down as the whole region continued to drop below sea level. After an ocean invasion, limey solutions from the sea water seeped into the dunes and cemented the sand grains together.

Do you get the feeling that you are weaving around through these amazing formations? In much of the drive through the park, that's exactly what you're doing.

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