Lake Quinault, Washington

Trip Day Twenty-one, May 24th, 2006

Lake Quinault Lodge
In Olympic National Forest
The Lake side of Quinault Lodge
Peek-a-boo Hole View Of Lake From Our Balcony
Our room was located in another building about a couple of blocks away from the main lodge.

We had one of the up-dated rooms with a TV.

We found a store nearby where we bought some local beer and fishing line.
Time out for a little fishing tomorrow? No. We used the line to tie open the doors of the TV cabinet.
Did we complain about the less than luxurious accomodations at the lodge? Not at all. We spent
most of our time out in the forest, and we enjoyed meals at the dining room.
This is as good as it gets at Lake Quinault and we wouldn't miss it.

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