Seattle, Washington

Trip Day Eleven: May 14, 2006

Sailing On Puget Sound

The Edgewater Hotel and the Norwegian Star

The Edgewater — the brown building — is a famous hotel that was built for the Seattle World's Fair in 1962. It was built on a pier. The story is that people used to drop lines off their balconies and fish. They sometimes cleaned their catch in their rooms!

Our Favorite Princess

At 77,000 gross tons, the Sun Princess was one of the largest when she was christened. Now others out weigh her, but they'll have to go some to out class this lady.

P.S. Little did we imagine that a little more than a year later we would embark on this ship in this port for a fantastic voyage to Sydney, Australia!
Connect to our Voyage into the Sunset 2007: Transpacific Crossing to Australia.

John & Eric Harris

Hey! Who's driving the boat?

Mt. Rainier floats above the cranes at the Port of Seattle.
Beautiful Downtown Seattle

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