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Port of Seattle, Washington

Trip Day Two: Sunday, September 23, 2007

On The Sun Princess

3:45 PM. We have embarked the ship, lunched, and taken a short tour of the ship.
We survey the beautiful Seattle vistas from the Sun Princess decks.
These cranes, or some like them, dominate the scene when looking south from along the Seattle waterfront, so it seemed logical choice to begin the series of pictures taken from the decks of the Sun Princess. It is the first of many over the next 30 days.
The Seattle waterfront with the Space Needle is dominated by an NCL cruise ship at the downtown dock.

As we approached the port for embarkation, people were making their way to the large gray dome of Quest Field in the background for a Seahawks game. The parking lot at the pier had a lot of space to spare. It was probably used only by dock workers and Princess support staff working to embark the passengers. Not too many people would want to leave their car in this lot for the 30-day duration of the cruise.
Oh, oh. It's 4 PM time for departure and they're still loading luggage.
The crane uses an enclosed capsule to lift a container of baggage like
the two sitting at the right edge of the picture. Notice the red net
floating between ship and dock below the cargo platform
extended from the side of the ship.
I wonder if they've ever dropped anything.
The Embarkation Ramp presents an easy slope from the passenger terminal to the Plaza Deck (deck 5) where we boarded.

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